Add or Correct Color


How many times have clients come to you requesting you to “convert” their black and white photos to colored ones, without them realizing the complexities involved? Happens all the time!…but we can make life easy for you!Our trained and experienced artists do not just change black and white photos to color, but study the environment, lighting and original subject matter in the photo to convert the black and white photo into a colored one, such that the final result is a photo that looks as if it had been originally taken in color.


We are more than happy to make revisions to our delivered work to you. We know sometimes the initial request and description of what you would like to have done is not fully communicated. Additionally, we may correct an image of a loved one and miss something, such as the shape of an eye or the slope of a chin. If you feel that you would like a revision you are welcome to buy a package of revisions to apply toward your images we are working on. Our pricing can be found here.

Additional Charges

Our Image Difficulty Scale can be found here. Light Difficulty is included in the base price for all of our images. Typically, only image Colorization and Restoration which has significant damage qualify as Medium or Complex. If you have purchased a product and we have sent you a notice that it falls into the Medium or Complex difficulty you have two options; 1) pay the additional fee for your image, or 2) request a refund and we will immediately refund your order. Our pricing can be found here

Image Resolution

Please be fully aware that we cannot increase the resolution of your photo. This may result in the image being blurry if you try to print it at a size larger than the original photo. This all depends on how you scan the image before uploading it to our website. We recommend scanning it in the highest resolution and DPI and saving it as an uncompressed TIFF file. is a great resource to answer all your image scanning questions. 


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