About Photo Fixes


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Upload your photo and put your payment on file. We will not charge your card until your design job is complete. 
A Ticket is Opened
We open a ticket using a customer service software and inform you we have begun working on your image.
Review and Revise
When we have the first draft ready we email you to review and/or approve the file. We will have your order completed and back to you within one week.
Approve and Pay
When you accept the design file and approve our work we then charge your card. If you are dissatisfied with the overall results or quality we will gladly not charge your card. 
Come Back Again
We hope you are satisfied and become a loyal fan our our talented designers and refer your friends and family to our services. 


Photo Retouching
As a photographer, you know that many times conditions are far from ideal for the perfect photo shoot, but the deadlines are always tight. A lot of times photographs have to be taken during unfavorable conditions like dim lighting, or bad weather that affect the image. Many factors come into play which make professional photo retouching a must. We offer a full-spectrum of photo retouching services for portfolios, wedding photos, product photographs, food photographs, jewelry, etc.
Photo Restoration
Our photo restoration services help you bring life back to your photographs. Whether your photographs are torn, have creases, are dusty and scratched or have simply faded with age, our photo restoration professionals ensure that the photographs are restored to their past glory.
Add or Correct Color
How many times have clients come to you requesting you to “convert” their black and white photos to colored ones, without them realizing the complexities involved? Happens all the time!…but we can make life easy for you!Our trained and experienced artists do not just change black and white photos to color, but study the environment, lighting and original subject matter in the photo to convert the black and white photo into a colored one, such that the final result is a photo that looks as if it had been originally taken in color.
Remove an Object, Person or Background
Your photograph may look perfect, but many a time it may not serve the purpose it was intended for. You may need to remove objects or people from the photograph or add objects to it. In certain cases you may also need to add or remove people from the photos.